Friday, January 30, 2009

35 Things that I Love Most in My Life

It's my 35 birthday today! Last year, on my 34th birtday I made my first blog fairydustprincess-magicmaker . Now, on my 35th, here's another blog. fairydustprincess-magicmaker has been my smorgasbord blog but mostly it contains my digi-scrapping stuffs just like magicmaker-scraps but that one is where I put my items for sale. This blog will be more personal-- it will be a "real" blog in the sense that this is not a digiscrapping blog...more of my thoughts and recollections of days gone by.

As a headstart, I'll put here a list. I have been making a list since my 30th birthday (30 Lessons that I have Learned about Life, 33 New Things that I Wanted to Learn in My Lifetime (for my 33rd birthday, etc ). It's been my yearly personal tradition. I will post those lists here in the coming days. In the meantime, here are 35 Things that I Love Most in My Life--from people to hobbies; from collectibles to experiences; from food to non-sense—these are a few of the things that bring color to my world--I LOVE:

1. my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

2. Mike—my Darling Husband

3. my Family

4. watching movies (both in theaters and in DVDs) and plays (especially musical)

5. reading glossy magazines

6. dining out (that's my "vice")

7. digital scrapbooking

8. a garden with lots of butterflies

9. sky filled with stars

10. photography

11. going to new places, especially historical/scenic spots and theme parks

12. writing—from photo captions, poems, feature articles to scripts, storybooks and blog posts

13. magbutingting ng kahit ano…(is that “tinkering” in English?)

14. to telebabad—If you would call me over the phone, you have to allot a minimum of one hour (hehehe)

15. showbiz/artista—tsismosa ako eh! Joke lang…

16. how my husband makes me laugh

17. washing and ironing clothes—ewan ko’ba pero ito ang pang-alis ko ng stress

18. seeing and SPENDING time with my friends…and yup! I love my friends so mucccchhh

19. looking at photographs—I love the nostalgic feeling of bringing back old memories (it lifts me up!)

20. collecting—I love to collect anything and everything…from books to DVDs, magazine articles to Teddy Bears…and the list goes on (The only reason why I would want to have a bigger house is to have a bigger space to put all those stuffs in one location. Right now they are scattered in my mother's house, my in-laws' place and in our own little home)

21. Storybooks—one of my collections

22. reading story books to children

23. phone calls from my nieces, friends and sisters

24. reading—I read everything from blogs to cereal boxes

25. our small abode—easy to clean and maintain

26. surfing the net

27. learning new things

28. reading the Bible

29. singing Gospel Hymns

30. beaded accessories…yup, I’m not into expensive metals and stones (gold, silver, diamonds) but anything made of beads fascinates me

31. the writings of Max Lucado, Og Mandino, and Philip Yansey

32. the singing voices of Sandi Patti, Lea Salonga, Regine Velasquez, Charlotte Church, Barbra Streisand, Enya, Aiza Seguerra, Jolina Magdangal, Kyla, La Diva (Jonalyn Viray, Aicelle Santos and Maricris Garcia) and the Sugarpop (Rita, Vanessa, Julie Anne, Renzo and Pocholo)

33. ‘hotshots’ from KFC, ‘Jolly-hotdog’ and ‘Chicken Joy’ from Jollibee, ‘Chicken Mc Nuggets’ from McDo; ‘Nai-cha’ and ‘Siomai’ from Chowking; and ‘Gyudon’ from Yoshinoya...ang sarap!

34. getting a hug and a kiss from my husband as he leaves and comes home from the office…'s been more than six years and he never fails to do these every single day

35. the fact that I am loved...from my Savior to my husband; from my Mom to my siblings; from my nieces and nephew to my in-laws, from friends way back to those I recently met on the internet...I feel so much loved and I love that!